Washington, DC

Reserve O-5 issued Letter of Intent (LOI) to revoke clearance after having recently favorably appealed a previous revocation of security clearance and granting of clearance with caution. Initial denial was based upon allegations of child emotional and physical abuse, arrests for assault, assault and battery, domestic assault, assault and battery on a family member and obstruction of justice on five different occasions. Within two weeks of the previous granting of the clearance with caution, the officer was charged with felony hit and run as well as reports being received of the officer engaging in an inappropriate personal relationship outside of marriage and the unauthorized disclosure of classified information to that person. Coincidental with these issues arising in the military context, client was in the process of obtaining adjudication for a clearance as a civilian employee of a different Federal Agency. After presentation of a response package, in answer to the LOI, to the Military Service’s Central Adjudication Facility the CLEARANCE was REINSTATED, again with caution, and without the necessity of a personal appearance before an Administrative Judge. The client was then able to submit the response to the military LOI to the other Federal Agency and obtain a clearance.