Client Gov. Employee Cleared of Multiple Misconducts and Felonies

WASHINGTON DC – Client government employee was issued a Letter of Intent (LOI)/Statement of Reasons (SOR) under Adjudicative Guidelines for D – Sexual Behavior, E – Personal Conduct and J – Criminal Conduct as a result of felony abduction of a woman from whom it was alleged the client demanded sexual acts and was restrained when she refused to comply, for providing misleading information to the background investigator concerning that offense; failure to disclose being a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit; failure to disclose being the defendant in a different civil lawsuit, garnishment of wages, failure to pay child support, and having the IRS impound tax refunds to pay the child support; arrest for threatening and harassing a woman, and pleading guilty to harassment, and stalking; resigning from employment in lieu of being charged with time-card falsification and being charged in two sexual harassment complaints, and sending a threatening email to the employer; and for being punished for sexual harassment after entering the room of female service members on several occasions and touching and harassing the occupants of the room.  After representing the client at a Personal Appearance the Administrative Judge rendered a favorable recommendation that the client Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access and collateral security clearance be reinstated.